We provide extensively trained teams to search for human remains and historic human remains.

What do we charge? There are many variables that go into our proposal preparation:

  • How large is the search area?
  • What time of year do you need the area searched? (summer in the desert, winter in the far north, etc.)
  • What are the conditions of the land (flat or hilly, grass or scrub brush, fox tails or other nasty dog-unfriendly weeds)?
  • Are there domestic animals present (horses or cows)?
  • Is the area open to the public?
  • Is it near high traffic areas (roadways, etc.)
  • Will there be truthing (digging to verify flagged alerts)?

Once we have this information, we can formulate a proposal for your project.

We appreciate your interest in ICF and we will provide you with the best trained HRD and HHRD teams available.

Once we complete a search, we prepare and submit a summary report (Client Report) of what we have found, including GPS coordinates and maps of the search area as we divided it up to search.

We do ask that if you do truth dig, that you share your finds with us so that we may better document our work. We do not share specifics (GPS Coordinates or maps) with anyone except you. We make it our business to ensure complete confidentiality.

We look forward to working with you to locate unidentified, lost or missing burials!

Simply copy the bulleted questions listed above into this email, along with your answers and send it to us so that we may start the process of preparing a proposal for your project.